I am an award-winning multimedia journalist, a 2013 graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, and an expert in Native American news. 

 Through my work, I hope to improve the general public's understanding of Native American and other indigenous people. I seek to humanize our causes while shedding new light on our communities. In a world that has consistently used media to dehumanize and demonize our culture since colonialism, stereotypes still run deep in popular consciousness.

I seek stories from Native country that are exciting, quirky and underreported that appeal to indigenous and other diverse audiences alike. As it stands, a lot of people are under the impression that Native people are humorless and stoic, and that we are in a constant state of misery.  It simply isn't true. 

There remains a contingent of politicians and policymakers who would still love to see total Native American assimilation; who propose policies to minimize our sovereignty and take away our land. Until we reset the balance of the narrative and convince the world that, like any American, we thrive in our homelands as much and sometimes more than we struggle, these destructive ideas will continue to gain support.


The following articles are samples and highlights of my work. This is not a comprehensive archive.



I am a contributing editor, columnist and reporter for Indian Country Media Network. More HERE. 

#NoDAPL - In 2016, prior to any mainstream coverage, I broke the Dakota Access Pipeline story for Indian Country Media Network and continued to cover the issue as it progressed. 

More #NoDAPL

#WELLNESS - I write a column, Well For Culture, which features indigenous health and wellness content, discussing topics like ancestral eating and earth gym. The column title is derived from Well For Culture - the eponymous organization which I co-founded and continue to operate with Thosh Collins in 2014. 

#OPINION - I regularly contribute political and cultural opinion editorials. 


I studied broadcast at Columbia J-school and am a former video journalist, on-air personality, and producer at NowThis News. I continue to host fitness segments and produce videos with health and wellness-related content. 

"About" video on Well For Culture. 

NowThis VJ reel - 2014 - 2015.